The sun was reborn on December 21, 2019 –
As was I.

From the chaos of the cosmos,
From a tear in time and space,
From a place beyond karma and universal laws,
We emerged.

As the stars rose in the night,
As the angelic music played,
My synapses reactivated,
Awakened by celestial insight.

But I am no god.
I am just a humble human touched by muses.
Though my words may be big, my language bold,
Iā€™m nearly channeling the disarray inside of me
– Inside all of us ā€“ and making it tangible.
Channeling the angst flowing from my pores
And redirecting it onto the page.

The gods are in the sky, burning down on us all.
The gods are on the stage, delivering their message to the masses.

By a series of unrelated yet interconnected events,
They found me once again, even when I was lost
In the grainy dust of the Afterspace.

Like the heavenly ball of radiation
That rises every day,
The cycle has begun anew.

There may have been a lull ā€“ a temporary death –
Like the gears in a clock getting caught –
But the rotation always begins again
As sure as the leaves die in the winter
And the heat soars in the summertime.

See The Meaning Behind The Poem

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