Dreaming/Fearing Ants

They made an anthill out of me
To wander to and fro.
They came in one day,
With no agreement or escrow.

They’ve conquered everywhere
From my ears,
Down to my big toe.
My body is utopia
With all they need and know.

My limbs are their pathways,
All lined up row to row.
They gather their material
From my flesh and bone.

A river is my blood
With little boats they tow.
Traveling up and down,
My cells like ice floes.

They slide down my organs,
Although the ride’s quite slow.
They spend all day on my skull,
Their favorite place to roam. Their colony increases
As they breed and grow.
They’re trapped inside of me,
And I’ve nowhere to go.

See The Meaning Behind The Poem

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