Dreaming/Fearing Ants Meaning

This poem is an analogy for anxiety. The ants represent panic taking over – to the point where you feel physical side effects, such as shaking or cold sweats. As someone who has an anxiety disorder, my nervousness is always brooding right under the surface, like ants who have decided to take up residence in my body or “make an anthill out of me.”

My idea for this was inspired by both my anxious tendencies and literal ants. In 2016, I got a very bad ant infestation in my bedroom. No matter what I did, the ants kept coming back. I’m not scared of insects, but the infestation so bad, I started to have nightmares about ants crawling all over my body, and my general anxiety spiked.

Thus, Dreaming/Fearing Ants was born. I wanted it to be creepy yet peppy at the same time – kind of like an eerie children’s poem. This is why I chose the musical rhyme scheme.

As a side note, this is the last poem I wrote for a very long time. Rebirth is the first poem I wrote since then.

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