One Size Fits All Meaning

There is a lot going on in this poem. Originally, it was inspired by COVID-19 because “corona” means “crown” in Greek. This is how the phrase “What if everyone wore a crown?” popped into my head.

At first, the poem was going to just be about how our system’s structure made it inevitable for the coronavirus to spread. People traveling all around the world, workers having to commute to their job every day, large stores or buildings where a lot of people visit… these are just some things that guaranteed the virus’ rise.

However, the word “crown” began to take on a new meaning as I wrote the poem. It still refers to the virus but it also symbolizes humanity’s self-righteousness. Not only have we physically taken over the globe, many people believe that mankind is superior to animals and nature, that Mother Earth is secondary.

It has been so ingrained in our way of life and way of thinking that it’s inescapable. It’s “infectious.” If it wasn’t for this mentality, our system would be different – we wouldn’t have plowed down so much land and built so many structures – and maybe the coronavirus would not have spread so quickly or widely.

The idea that we are better than every other species, that we are “kings,” is strictly a human philosophy. This is where “crowns are manmade” comes in.

Besides crowns, there are some other references to COVID-19 as well, such as people “hoarding gold, food, and other ‘necessities’ [aka toilet paper] like a greedy dragon on a lonely mountain.” Yes, that last part is an allusion to The Hobbit. There’s also other mentions such as “red and silver” (the virus’ color), or people being afraid to go near others and being holed up in their houses.

I recommend going back and rereading the poem with the double meaning in mind so you can fully understand my intent. I know I can be really cryptic at times ^.^;

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