The Disease Does Not Discriminate Meaning

This poem was inspired by the video game The Last of Us, which is about a virus (aka the “disease” in the title) that wreaks havoc on the world and turns most of society into zombie-like creatures.

In a DLC titled “Left Behind,” Ellie, one of the main characters, hangs out at an abandoned mall with her friend Riley. Ellie is a teenage girl who grew up in this post-apocalyptic society, as is Riley. During their day out, Ellie kisses Riley, who shows no objections.

This started to make me wonder about how LGBTQ+ relationships would be viewed in a world where society has collapsed. Would the same stigmas still be around? Or would people care less about those kind of things? And thus, this poem was born, in honor of Ellie and Riley.

Riley (left) and Ellie (right)

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